Galatea is a deep space music, inspired by the invisible realms of our existence.

Galatea is the 4th Moon of Neptune. In Greek mythology Galatea was a Nereide and her name mean Goddess of calm seas.

The project of Galatea is composed to bring more harmony and peace within the human life. This music is a great companion for your meditation, yoga practice, nature walk or those moments in your day when you need more calmness.
Galatea is a project supported by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.
More than 30 minutes of music, created mostly by acoustic instruments is free to download and listen. If you enjoy Galatea and want to support it, you can buy a physical CD or send a donation.

Music: Kristina Angelova
Sound Mastering: Daniel Angelov
Illustration design: Vectorium
CD cover design mockup vector









To buy a physical CD drop me a message. You can buy a digital CD on


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Lets Fly on the Wings of Music!
Ethno – Fusion Music created entirely by acoustic instruments, vocals and soul.

First Day on the Moon is the flight we are taking
you on. It is an eight track Album, released in the beginning of 2019.


Daniel Angelov – Six string Tambura, Guitar, Vocals
Kristina Angelova – Daf, Bendir, Ukulele, Vocals and extras 

Angel Dodov – Sound Mastering